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Changing the way the world thinks, one thought at a time

Raising Thinkers is a refreshing and distinctively compelling look at thinking and behaviour by one of today’s most innovative thought leaders. A motivating call to action for parents and educational systems worldwide to lead change now so that today’s children are better prepared for tomorrow.” John A. Davis Regional Managing Director, Asia, Duke Corporate Education

Tremaine du Preez has written a readable, conversational, personal, human and humorous book which is rigorous in its treatment of up-to-date research and theory about thinking. It is an academic book, skilfully written for non-academics. But it’s much more than that.

It convincingly makes the case for the need for today’s parents to focus on the development of the ‘soft skills’ which will enable their children to be successful in the uncertain years to come. And thankfully, it is not a recipe book; instead, it treats its readers as adults and offers many tips and insights to enable them to hone their own parenting skills. Dr Alan Beggs, father, sometime Olympic Sport Psychologist and founding director of The Human Dimension.

Tremaine is co-author of: (click image to buy from Amazon) 

  Success 365, Marshall Cavendish 2012 

Success 365, Marshall Cavendish 2012 

  Great Expatations, Marshall Cavendish, 2012

Great Expatations, Marshall Cavendish, 2012

  88 Essential Secrets to success, Marshall Cavendish 2011

88 Essential Secrets to success, Marshall Cavendish 2011

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8000 Miles to Freetown

Based on a true story

It's the summer of 1929, heels are high, skirts are higher, the world is at peace and the Great Depression lurks yet unseen. An English Great War captain and a young Welshman, Trevor Jones, set out to navigate the entire coast of Africa. To document the native tribes and their secret societies that they meet along the way. Trevor is a reluctant adventurer who can't find any reason for the people of Africa to matter to the civilised world. Bare footed, bare headed and heathen; "it's just as well most of Africa is colonised, for it's own sake".  

Through troubles and adventures, unlikely heroes and even less likely villains, Trevor discovers the history and mystery of an Africa he had never met before.  Previously impossible friendships and a forbidden love affair shake Trevor's beliefs about the world and his place in it. His eyes are opened to the role of his own people in shrouding the deeds of white Devils under clouds of amnesia, indifference and profit. 

Their bumbling journey takes us from South West Africa's hidden genocide, corrupt Portuguese soldiers, cannibals and pygmies to Christmas in a voodoo market and the incredible natural beauty that is unmistakably Africa. 

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