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About Tremaine

The official stuff

Tremaine has lived and worked in Asia, Africa and Europe - coaching and lecturing in leadership, behavioural finance, decision science and critical thinking to multinational organisations, government agencies and on MBA and undergraduate programs. Whilst in Singapore she designed and facilitated the Critical Thinking training program for the Monetary Authority/Central Bank of Singapore and other government agencies. 

A current doctoral student with a BCom in Information Systems and an MSc in Financial Economics. Tremaine is a certified executive coach, Huffington Post blogger and the author and co-author of several books. She lives with her husband, son, spaniel and books, between her head, Singapore and London. She currently travels from London.

My official cv is here on LinkedIn but those are so shiny and boring let’s rather just chat about the women behind all of that.

The other stuff

"Bookish and quirky with a knack for listening and unravelling challenges is a good place to start. I have this grand idea that my job is to change the world one thought at a time. Imagine if everyone knew how to think about their thinking and so make better decisions? Better decisions about their health, relationships, career or how to lead themselves and others? To make better systemic decisions for a community, company or country?

Helping people change ingrained thinking patterns is not that easy so I use multiple modalities such as keynote speaking, facilitating, lecturing and coaching. After doing all of these in the corporate world for almost a decade I had a lightbulb moment! What if I could teach these same skills to children? Wouldn’t my job be way easier? So I wrote my latest book - Raising Thinkers - Preparing Your Child For the Journey of a Lifetime. So many people around the world are passionate about teaching children to truly think beyond a syllabus that I got to work with some really interesting folks whilst pushing my comfort zone. 

I’ve also had my fair share of challenges such as living in 4 countries across 3 continents and starting a business from scratch in all of them. If being an entrepreneur means working for over a year before you see any profits, doubting yourself a million times but putting on the bravest face you have so often that, eventually, it becomes your own - then I think I can call myself an entrepreneur. Next to that, being a writer of both fiction and non-fiction has been the most hard-arsed (don’t judge - it’s in the dictionary) and unforgiving teacher I could never have wished for. Reminding me continuously that success is how you handle yourself every day and not the payoff that follows - the payoff is the reward for being successful (thank-you Steven Pressfield). Connect and share your story with me."


Tremaine is founding director of The Coaching Club - offering executive coaching via subscription to organizations serious about maintaining a coaching culture to drive engagement, performance and happiness.