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Raising Thinkers

Prepare your child for the journey of a lifetime.

"Tremaine du Preez’s Raising Thinkers is the most original, fresh and entertaining coaching guide available for parents. If you are looking for a pre-packed recipe of parenting success, this is not the book for you. If instead, you are looking for smart, engaging, practical ideas to help your kids develop their own thinking and self-confidence, this is THE book for you."  ~ Linda Scotti, leadership coach and team development facilitator at Google Inc

We are our children's co-travellers, teachers and protectors with less than twenty years to prepare them for an unknowable journey. Can we construct those foundations to ensure that our children grow into adults that are mentally agile and emotionally talented enough to not only survive, but thrive in a future that will look decidedly different from our past? 

Raising Thinkers begins with an exploration of the possible futures that our children will inhabit as adults. The skills they will need in these settings and what can reasonably be expected from the current school systems across the East and West. We ask what can be expected from us, the engineers of their future selves, given our current mental frames and abilities.

We then take a fascinating journey through cognitive functioning at every stage of development from the infant to teenage years. Each stage introduces tools and techniques to enhance critical thinking, decision making and emotional intelligence in your growing child. Add into the mix the effects of their social environment, hormones, motivation and personality and we have a guide for Raising Thinkers into 2030 and beyond.

Launching in Asia in Nov 2016 and in the US/Europe/UK in the summer of 2017. Webinars coming in February 2017. 

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