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Under pressure? Frustrated with your boss? Lashing out at others and blaming them?

Thinking about Thinking

Thoughts on thinking about thinking from the Raising Thinkers Series


Under pressure? Frustrated with your boss? Lashing out at others and blaming them?

Tremaine du Preez

It may be time to to check in with your emotional intelligence. 

Dare to take the EI test?

This is my most popular ‘just for fun’ test that really gives you something to think about. If you are still hanging on to the belief that EI is optional or fluffy, think again, quickly. The hormones that regulate our emotional state have the potential to cause havoc with our ability to process data and make sound decisions. 

An understanding of your emotional language and triggers is essential to making sound decisions. This is exactly what researchers have found. From entrepreneurs, to Fortune 100 CEOs, those that are successful in reaching their professional goals are either highly emotionally intelligent or know that they aren’t and surround themselves with people who are. Well, that’s a relief. You don’t have to be the cool calm and collected guy with high EI. If you are the one with a hair-trigger temper or nerves that are constantly offended, that’s ok. You just have to know your own emotional language and stop it from affecting your thinking. You won’t win ‘boss of the year’ but you’ll be better at reaching your goals. Where do you fit in?


Mark true or false (honestly) next to each statement and tally up your trues.


1. I never try to avoid tough conversations.

2. I know exactly what makes me angry.

3. There is someone I don’t like but I’m not exactly sure why.

4. I know what makes me sad.

5. I always consider how my words or actions will make someone else feel before I speak.

6. I put time aside everyday to reflect on my behaviour and interactions.

7. I never say things that I regret later.

8. I’m OK with saying sorry.

9. I know exactly what I do well. 

10. I know exactly what I can’t do well.

11. I can say NO to my boss/client when I know I can’t meet his/her expectations.

12. I am interested in hearing other people’s opinions.

13. I can usually find something to respect in others, even those younger than I am.

14. Colleagues value my feedback.

15. People tell me I am patient.

16. I am calm under pressure.

17. I think very long and hard about my mistakes.

18. I think very long and hard about my successes.

19. I love challenges that no one else can solve.

20. I can listen to someone without interrupting.

21. My mood never affects my interactions with other people.

22. I don’t mind if plans change.

23. I don’t mind if MY plans are changed.

24. I don’t get irritated if someone can’t follow my instructions.

25. I try not to lose my temper in public.


Grand total   Number of trues?

How did you do?

Rating - number of trues

        20 - 24:     Emotionally gifted, the world needs more of you 

        12 - 20:     Emotionally competent.You’ve clearly spent time reflecting on your EI

        below 12:    Human like the rest of us with the potential to improve


Over the next four weeks we’ll explore the four corners of EI; self awareness, self regulation, social skills and motivation, just in case you need a primer in any area. 

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