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Thinking about Thinking

Thoughts on thinking about thinking from the Raising Thinkers Series


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Would your children make it into the Kingdom of Google?

Tremaine du Preez

It’s easier to get into Harvard than Google. Your or your child’s odds of getting to work at one of the world’s most desirable employers with the all-you-can-eat-for-free organic deli at the Googleplex and it’s many miniplexes around the world, are 1 in 130.  The odds of getting into one of the most hallowed academic institutions known to our generation, Harvard, are a mere 1 in 14. Google gets over 1 million job applicants a year and employes 0.4% to 0.5% of them. Their internship is 2600% oversubscribed.  It must be the free lunches! But if you thought that the gatekeepers to the Kingdom screen CV's for the next genius among us. Think again. 

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